1993 Kalakeerthi Honour               2007 Lifetime Achievement Award                              
Leopold Auer Class 1914; Menges (15)            1955 Chopin Prize Warsaw                            UN With U Thant                                       Scholar Record 1948
  Malinee's Bethesda Studio                            Malinee in UK                                      Malinee in Mt. Lavinia                     Cherry Blossom Time
Malinee Wth Elephant in SL                    Malinee in China                            The Diplomat's Wife                                  Dog Yat
      Malinee at BBC with Kids                        Back Home in Sri Lanka              Malinee Plays at the United Nations           National Symphony,  DC
     Malinee's Chopin Prize                     Malinee The Thinker                     Malinee on Ship With Family                         Malinee in New York

Photo Gallery

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Teacher-Mentor Louis Kentner      With Husband (late Hon.) D. Algy    With Joan Sutherland (RCM Classmate)                With Queen Fabiola


      Malinee With Mother                             Malinee's 1st Recital                   Malinee With Father in London                     Malinee's Piano